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THIS IS A PRIVATE HACKATHON: You are eligible if you are a selected student in one of the following schools: DSTI, Epitech, ESIEA, PSL, or UTC.



  • September 22nd - Onboarding event @GE Digital foundry Europe
    Discover GE Digital, GE Businesses Leaders, the Hackathon challenges and the Predix Developer Training offered to each participant
    More info on event meetup page
  • September 30th - SUBSCRIPTION CLOSING
  • October 3rd - October 11th Predix Developer Training Period @Online with Instructor

  • October 11th - Kick-Off event @GE Digital foundry Europe
    Team Building and project ideation & pitches
  • October 19th & 20th - HACKATHON @GE Digital foundry Europe
    Let's code on Predix!


Take up the digital industrial challenge!

You want to use your software skills to make significant impact in industries like Healthcare, Aviation, Transportation or Power & Utilities?

Are you eager to learn to leverage most up-to-date open-source edge and cloud technologies?

Register for GE’s Industrial Internet Hackathon, setup a team and build an amazing app for the industrial world on the Predix platform! You will have a chance to earn cool awards and prizes: Drones, Interviews with GE Digital and more!

GE Digital foundry in the heart of Paris

Join us in Paris Digital foundry: a co-creation center where Software Developers, UX Designers and Data Scientists can shape the future of industry with our customers.

Discover an amazing place for developers located in the very heart of Paris, meet our GEek staff to learn about Predix and relax with a ping-pong or baby-foot game between two coding sprints!




The Challenge: Industrial world data

One million terabytes per day... that’s how much data Predix will process by 2020. Take-up this challenge, be a pioneer of the industrial internet revolution and use Predix to help solve one of the following problems:  

  • GE Healthcare (DoseWatch) Challenge: DoseWatch enables health care professionals to monitor a patients’ radiation exposure and contrast media injection dose of their patients to find the right balance between image quality and dose. Hackathon participants will build new benchmarking features to extend DoseWatch Explore offer. For instance: for a given configuration of a patient profile, medical imaging procedure, and medical imaging asset model where do I stand compared to other professionals / hospitals in terms of delivered radiation dose?

  • GE Energy Connections Challenge: GE Energy Connections offers products and services to transport, convert, automate, and optimize energy to ensure we provide safe, efficient, and reliable electrical power. Participants will get access to electrical power production and consumption time series data from buildings to create new ways to visualize and manage electrical energy.

  • GE Aviation / GE Digital Managed Services Challenge: GE provides monitoring services for its aviation customers. Amongst other aviation assets, GE monitors fleets of thousands of jet engine for several commercial airlines. Participants will have the opportunity to create new algorithms to forecast key time series parameters to enhance and discover predictive maintenance opportunities. 

Connect with GE

  • Chat, share and learn with experts from GE Businesses on real business cases.
  • The foundry is looking for talents! Winners will get the opportunity to come again for interviews.

If you want to stay up to date with the Predix developers community in Europe, you can join our Meetup group.


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GE Aviation / Manage Service Prize

Drone Parrot BEBOP 2
Predix extension license
30 min recruitment Interview opportunity for Internship
Social media exposure by GE

GE Energy Connections Prize

Drone Parrot BEBOP 2
Predix extension license
30 min recruitment Interview opportunity for Internship
Social media exposure by GE

GE Healthcare Prize

Drone Parrot BEBOP 2
Predix extension license
30 min recruitment Interview opportunity for Internship
Social media exposure by GE

Predix Edge Special Prize

Drone Parrot SWING

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • You are eligible if you are a student in one of the following schools: DSTI, Epitech, ESIEA, PSL, or UTC.


Please view Official Rules for full details on eligibility.


A "Submission" or "Project" must include an Idea and an App.

The Idea should adress:

  • one of GE business problematics (GE Business Prizes)
  • and / or leverage Intel Edison / Predix Machine capabilities (Predix Edge special prize)

Deliverable: Pitch with 3 slides: a detailed description of the problem, solution / service provided by the app, how Predix has been leveraged for the app.

The App should:

  • be a working web or mobile prototype deployed on Predix
  • use at least two (2) Services and/or Analytics listed on Predix catalog

Deliverable: active URL to the web UI of the app, working on at least one use case.

Only one project can be submitted per team. Materials should be written in English.

Software components existing before the hackathon may be re-used as long as license compliance is ensured.

How to enter


  1. Register for the hackathon on this DevPost website using your school email address (ex:

  2. Connect with the organization team and other participants on the dedicated Slack channel

  3. Come and meet us for the onboarding event in Paris Digital foundry


You will then be able to follow a dedicated online training on Predix!


Skills list 

  • HTML5 / CSS
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • JQuery / Angular / Polymer
  • Bower / Grunt / Gulp / Gradle
  • CloudFoundry / Heroku
  • Java / Maven / Spring / Eclipse STS
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • C / C++
  • Postgres SQL
  • Redis
  • OAuth
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning


Michael Karim

Michael Karim
GM, Global Foundries - GE Digital

Laurent Schmitt

Laurent Schmitt
Smart Grid Strategy Leader - GE Energy Connections

Sebastien Villars

Sebastien Villars
DoseWatch Engineering Leader - GE Healthcare

Barry Foye

Barry Foye
Emerging Technologies - GE Aviation

Afo Adeye

Afo Adeye
Managed Services Leader Europe - GE Digital

Lauren Schutte

Lauren Schutte
Marketing Program Manager - GE Digital

Marc Lebrun

Marc Lebrun
Deputy Dean of Studies at EPITECH Nantes

Michael Francois

Michael Francois

Alessandro Victorino

Alessandro Victorino

Léo Souquet

Léo Souquet
Co Founder and CEO at Data ScienceTech Institute

Michel Schmitt

Michel Schmitt

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of Design
    Includes creativity and originality of the application idea, usability, design, and intuitiveness.
  • Potential Value or Benefits
    Includes the degree to which the solution provides scale and value — either economic or social — to a city or retail/commercial building.
  • Use of Additional Predix Platform Services
    Includes the extent to which additional (more than the three required services) Predix, Intelligent Cities, or Building Services were used AND/OR the extent to which live data was incorporated from a Predix machine-enabled device.
  • Ease of implementation
    Includes the extent to which the value provided to the end user is realistically achievable with existing technologies within the near term; not vague or overly complex to user, or reliant on a technology that is not yet on the market.
  • Pitch of App
    Includes the clarity and description of the problem addressed, how the app solves the problem, what technology is used, what Predix services are leveraged, what sensor and other data is used, and the connection the app makes to real-world problems.